The world’s fastest growing solution for hair loss in women, scalp micropigmentation is the hottest trend that tens of thousands of ladies are now using to hide thinning hair and alopecia.

There are many causes of female hair loss including hormonal changes, medications, stress and physical trauma. The onset of hair loss is noticeable because a contrast in color develops between your hair and the skin on your scalp. The less hair you have, the more your scalp shows and the more noticeable your thinning hair becomes.

Scalp micropigmentation works by correcting this contrast. Using a specific and highly advanced technique, tiny pigment deposits are placed into the upper dermis of your scalp to simulate individual micro hairs growing through. When combined with thousands more micro hair replications, the result is a thicker looking head of hair and a drastic reduction in the visibility of your hair loss.

how can smp

help me?

At Rebel Beauty Lounge we specialze in scalp micropigmentation treatments for our female clients. Hundreds of women have had SMP treatments at our clinic. We pride ourselves on our results, and our satisfaction rate is one of the best in the business.

Whether your hair loss has become more noticeable recently, or if you’re experiencing a longer term problem, we can help. As we specialize in women, we understand exactly what is required to restore your appearance and your confidence.

We manage every treatment on a case by case basis, so we need to fully understand your situation and your desired outcome. For this reason we recommend an in-person consultation at our clinic, however for your convenience, we can also consult with you by phone and even by email if you are able to provide clear photos showing your hair loss. Any information you can share about your history of thinning hair, and any information you have received about its cause, will of course enable us to provide the best advice and ultimately, give you the treatment outcome you want.

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